Somaliland: Engineered Weather in the Gulf of Aden


ClimateChanged DrumConstruction Fabricators

Somaliland sun – I am sending you this email in an attempt to contact you and your countrymen to inform you that the weather is being engineered and we need to take urgent action to prevent man-made extreme weather events. There is a hurricane heading down the gulf of Aden, the devices we offer will destroy it but you have to be quick!!!!

If you take a look at and and study the live video images, you will see weather manipulation on a global scale.

We are a non-profit group of concerned citizens who, working with local communities and bright young people have come up with a device for combating climate engineering.

We offer to all those in support of “doing something” drawings attached to enable anyone to build their very own atmospheric restoration unit. The science behind the design has been proven to work and communities around the UK and Europe have built their own devices reporting positive environmental and health benefits. The units are cheap and simple to build and extremely effective in combating chem-trails and HAARP dispersals providing protection against the harmful aerosols emitted from aircraft.

For further information, please go to ,

Please could you pass on this free information to all you know who are in support of combating climate change? Countries all over the world are being hit by extreme weather events NOW you only have to look at the satellites to see this. So please if you can spread the word far and wide especially your countrymen…. You only need to build one unit to witness the incredible effects of these systems and they work to restore the atmosphere around you, this I no joke, so please get your friends or community to build just one and see how amazing they are………

Many thanks for your attention and good luck