Somaliland: Eng Warabe Calls for a Post 26th June Caretaker Government


Eng Feisal Ali Warabe of UCID says Silanyo administration has no legitimacy  after June 2015

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The republic of Somaliland should be managed by a caretaker government once the term of current president expires on the 26th june 2015
The call was made by the UCID party leader Eng Feisal Ali Warabe durng a press briefing at the VI: lounge at Egal international airport Hargeisa upon return from Germany where he was on officla business.
Informing that the ruling party Kulmiye has renegaded jint party arrangements pertaining to elections dates Eng Warabe said that the siiting president Ahmed Mahmud and his deputy ack any authority to govern upon expiry of their five years mandate on 26th June 2015.

“Somaliland is at a crossroads and there are vital issues we all need to reconcile with and if we don’t do so the Somaliland future will be a bleak” Said chairman Faysal Warabe who sounded concerned about the prospect of finding solution to the political deadlock over the election delays. reports Cabays Media
“We know that there is an agreement between all three political parties and the agreement must be implemented by the government”Added chairman Warabe, who was speaking about the agreement they reached with the ruling party and signed by the vice president which they all agreed elections should be held within one year and six months instead of a year and ten months as the Guurti’s controversial decision says.
“The agreement (with all parties) was signed by the vice president and that means the government is part of the agreement unless they are two different parties, but I think the government is all in together” said Faysal Waraba.

Explaining the other ways the opposition and the ruling parties can resolve their differences on the postponed election and the disputed extension term for the president, the UCID party leader highlighted the alternatives the parties can have.

“There is a rule internationally and that is anything (politically) disputed can be presented at the high court, the constitutional court and it should not be waited so long since elections plans are shelved” Said chairman Faysal Warabe sounding his party will fight to the court to stop the controversial extension term for president Siilaanyo and his vice by the house of elders- Guurti.

“We respect the Guurti but we don’t have reasons it can grant extension term in office since there are no drought, conflict and the country is peaceful, therefore we say what all concerned (political) parties agreed must be upheld.” Added chairman Faysal who is adamant about the agreement reached all political parties, including the ruling one which gives the current government a shorter extension term with clear plan on how election will be held.

“The first thing we gonna do is setting up a caretaker government that will deal all the issues for elections after the five year term ends on 26th of June” said the UCID leader.

Responding to president Siilaanyo’s call for the oppositions to respect and uphold the law of the country, chairman Faysal Warabe said “When the president was speaking the other day he said the country has law, it is true the country has laws and a constitution, but that doesn’t mean he can skip those apply to him and only mention others. the law says you can only be elected for 5 years and the 5 years are about to end and from now on we must set up a national coalition government “

Giving the deals of the what priorities of the would-be caretaker government they want to set up after the current government’s term ends will be, the Somaliland’s oldest political party leader, said “the coalition government will implement voter registration, pass election laws and will set up polling stations”

The UCID chairman also talked about the previous elections and areas he thinks will need to improve in order to get smooth elections. He also question about the loopholes in Somaliland national constitution which he said it needs to be rexamined and reviewed each and every article.

Also the UCID leader called for the immediate end of the political tensions in the parts of eastern and western regions of Somaliland’s Sool, Buhodle and Awdal.

“If the these problems are not put to end before elections then it is safe to say the country is splitting and to avoid that we must be serious and collectively take part in finding solution”

Chairman Faysal Warabe has also called for the end of the talks between Somaliland and Somalia since he said the Moqadishu government is focusing on undermining Somalilanda and not being serious about the dialogue.

“Since there is no genuine government there ( Moqadishu), we should not continue talking to a government with the old Siyad Barr’s book and trying to create opposing factions that fighting within Somaliland, like the way Siyad Barre didn’t succeed to..”

Faysal Ali Warabe at the end of his press briefing he stressed the need for d that after the 26 of June when the 5 year term ends for president Siilaanyo’s government his party and other oppositions will not recognize the legitimacy of the government and instead they will set up a national coalition government.

Political source say the two opposition parties and their political partners, the pressure group called Madasha will not go ahead with a national conference for setting up a caretaker government until the Holy month of Ramadan ends.

The UCID party’s firm position on the government’s apparent abandonment of the agreement it reached with the opposition parties is a sign of the beginning of a new political confrontations awaiting for Siilaanyo’s government and its Kulmiye party who used decry when the Guurti had similarly granted for extension term in office for the UDUB government.

The UCID chairman was welcomed by the party’s presidential candidate, Jamal Ali Hussein and senior party members, among others. However the welcoming Faysal Warabe by his party’s presidential hopeful quashed the rumours that the two leaders fall out and won’t share a political platform.

However, it is not clear if chairman Faysal Waraba will stick to the position of forming a caretaker government with other oppostion parties as he is accused of vacillating leadership but his top party leaders will not accept any wavering this time as their party is now want to play a decisive role in the political deadlock.
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