Somaliland: Eng Deyr Most Suited for Presidential Spokesperson Mantle


Eng. Hussein Deyr a die hard Somaliland natoinalist who could be very useful at the presidency

Somalilandsun -Eng’ Deyr Hussein is a active member of the Somaliland diaspora over the last 8 years. He has demonstrated an ability to capture large audiences among political think tanks and intellectuals.

His weekly eloquent and motivating balance articles have hit a cord with people of all walks of life and across the political spectrum.
Eng’ Deyr Hussein a resident of Birmingham United Kingdom have shown and proven to be a loyal Kulmiye supporter since the formation of Somaliland ruling party.
His unfaltering, unwavering loyalty is a true reflection of Mr Deyr’s commitment and faith for his party leadership and policies.
His Engineering background plus the fact that he has academic journalism skills and fluency in English and Somali.
He could be a huge asset for the president’s office. This will only elevate the government’s popular policies on social development and progressive politics in order to engage with the wider electorate, both at home and abroad.
His knowledge and expertise in international relationship, social and community cohesion can be beneficial to President Ahmed Siilanyo’s cabinet.
Everyone that reads and follows Eng Deyr weekly reports and articles will see a true Somaliland patriotic, and above politics.

He certainly has won the vote of confidence among the public and got the X’factor to be presidential spokesmen.
Ali Biime in UK