Somaliland: Eng Deyr Joins Cabinet as Presidential Spokesperson


Eng. Hussein Deyr  takes over as presidential spokesperson

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The recent resignation by senior members of the government initially seen as a devastating has turned to be a much sought a blessing in disguise.

On the 26th of this month citizens were placed in a state of shock and puzzlement after announcement by seven members of the administration that they have resigned from duties mostly at ministerial level appointed to, by Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo.

Those resigned included powerful presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali and his colleagues from foreign affairs, Justice, public works and social services respectively in addition to that of presidential spokesperson Suleiman Duhul, a move then thought to lead towards paralysis of government.

Hirsi and Behi then the loyal ministers of presidency and foreign affairs flank president Silanyo (C) during a recent visit to Europe To the contrary president Silanyo rose to the occasion and immediately made changes to his administration by appointing new ministers and reshuffling others a day after the resignations through a presidential decree # JSL/M/XERM/249-3631/102015.

In the appointments degree in which president Silanyo attributed to authority granted by section 2, article 90 of the Somaliland constitution as well as the imperatives of an effective government and satisfaction that those chosen are capable of handling assigned duties

The president announced that he has with immediate effect appointed

Ali Hasan Mohamed ‘Ali Marehan’ a member of parliament as Minster of public works and housing as replacement for resigned Abdirizaq Khalif Ahmed.Ali Mahmud Ahmed ‘Ali Sandule’ formerly state minister for eastern regions peace building as minister of Social Services in place of resigned Dr Abdi Aw DahirAli Hussein Ismail Jirde ‘Ali Shombe’ immediate past representative to Kenya as minister of planning and national Coordination replacing reshuffled Dr Saad Ali Shire andEng Hussein Aden Egge ‘Deyr’ as presidential spokesperson in place of Suleiman Duhul

President Silanyo also reshuffled has cabinet with

Former aviation minister Mahmud Hashi Abdi moving to the presidency in same capacity in replacement of resigned Hirsi Haji AliFormer planning minister Dr Saad Ali Shire assuming the Foreign affairs mantle thence replace resigned Mohamed Behi Younis andFormer state minister for finance Osman Sahardid ‘Adani’ moving as minister of aviation thus taking over from the new presidency minister

Absent from the appointments is replacement for the two deputy ministers who also reigned namely Nimo Qawdan –Deputy minister Resettlement and Rehabilitation and Abdiwahid Abdirahman – deputy minister of Labor and Social Affairs

Despite failure of anticipated government breakdown by the resignations the loss of the outgoing heavyweights who whose departure came in the run-up to internal ruling Kulmiye party election for flag bearer in forthcoming national polls the departure of Duhul and entrance of Eng Hussein Deyr is a positive development.

will Eng Deyr deliver as hoped and prayed forProficient in English, Dutch, Italian and Arabic languages Eng. Hussein Aden Igeh AKA Hussein Deyr, 48 years old and a father of 4 children is a Scandinavian of Somaliland origin and based in the UK.

He completed his” level Education in his hometown of Gabile before proceeding to the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Somalia national University Mogadishu. This was followed by a stint at the Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, University of Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, former Yugoslavia and at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning; Delft University of Technology, Holland.
Graduating with top honours from the various institutions Eng Deyr has also pursued studies at the Fontys School, Eindhoven, and Holland where he acquired an Advanced Diploma in Public, Private and Administration Law.

Currently based in Hargeisa Eng’ Deyr Hussein is an active member of the Somaliland Diaspora over the last 8 years. He has demonstrated an ability to capture large audiences among political think tanks and intellectuals through his regular commentaries on issues Somaliland.

His regular eloquent and motivating balanced articles have hit a cord with people of all walks of life and across the political spectrum.
in a piece titled Eng Deyr Most Suited for Presidential Spokesperson Mantle, UK based Ali Biime wrote “having shown and proven to be a loyal Kulmiye supporter since the formation of Somaliland ruling party plus His unfaltering, unwavering loyalty which is a true reflection of Eng Deyr’s commitment and faith for president Silanyo and party leadership as well policies coupled with his technical studies and the fact that he has academic journalism skills and fluency in English and Somali, He certainly has won the vote of confidence among the public and got the X’factor to be presidential spokesmen
presumably the new Somaliland presidential spokesperson Eng Hussein Aden Egge ‘Deyr’ will help elevate the government’s popular policies on social development and progressive politics while engaging positively with the local media and wider electorate, both at home and abroad courtesy
at the same time His knowledge and expertise in international relationship, social and community cohesion can be beneficial to President Ahmed Silanyo’s cabinet.

As for local analysts the appointment of Eng Deyr shall bring a purposeful vibrancy and Rudder to the Somaliland presidential press unit in contrast to the drabness of performance by his predecessor whose entire tenure was shrouded by the absence of essence.

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