Somaliland: Energy Minister among Key Note Speakers at the Mining Indaba 2014


Somaliland Energy Minister Eng Hussein Abdi Duale shall address the mining Indaba on the 5th February 2014/photo by somalilandsun

If you are looking for a global perspective on African mining and would like to build and maintain cross-continental business relationships, especially with prospective future powerhouse Somaliland then look no further than the 2014 Investing in African Mining Indaba where Energy Minister Eng Hussein Abdi Duale shall be addressing the world on his country’s energy and mining prospects.

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Few Somalilanders, if any, knew of the impact of SL’s attendance of the mining forum in Australia last year.

Perhaps after the attendance of the next week’s major assemble of a conference in mining interests at the International Convention Center at Cape Town for this year’s convention on investing in African Mining Indaba in which the importance and impact of the whole issue would fathom.

It is a great moment for the country as Hon. Hussein Abdi Duale, the Energy and Mineral Minister brushes shoulders with his peers from all our the world rooting for investments in the sector for the country.

The minister who is to form, for the first time ever, part of the African Mining Ministerial Forum in 2014 investing in Africa meet scheduled from 3rd to 6th of February, was invited to the conference by Hon. Susan Shabangu while they were at the last August’s meeting on the same issue in Perth Australia.

This time round he is slated to address as a Keynote speaker on the major opportunities available in the mining industry in SL, a country which is indeed a low risk investment point.

Perhaps the most important thing the minister has to exploit in his shopping for infrastructure is the more than conducive fiscal terms offered by the government in Somaliland.

It is noteworthy to point out that the country has ample reserves of Manganese, Uranium, Copper, Gold, Platinum, Copper, assorted gem stones, gold, large deposits of coal, tin, rare priceless metals etc going by JNA reports and associated reference archives on the potentials of the country’s resources.

Eng Duale the Somaliland Energy minister addressing the Downunder 2013 conference in Australia/file

Despite the fact all indications to the country’s geological potentials are still virgin, it is a fact that if exploited the results can be mind boggling in favour of Soamaliland.

The incumbency upon the minister is to carry the burden of the task of the disseminating information on wonderful opportunities and resources available in the country; of course by conveying the message to those in the world who matter, from the right podium and at the right time.

The meeting brings together in attendance tuned to the thousands all countries and gigantic multinational bigwigs who deal in the mining industry

It is not worthwhile to indulging in what may be wrongly perceived as witch hunting but the more important issue now and today in particular is the putting onto ‘The World Map’ the true picture, true potential and true essence of Somaliland.

We support the minerals boss Hon. Duale in his endeavours and wish him well.

To be privy of the fact that he is to give a major speech on this subject at the right time and in the right place is of course hilariously wonderful.

On the other hand, to acknowledge the fact that Somalilanders are in the dark about the same subject because of either conscious (or unconscious) misdemeanor by way of dis-service to the people from the local media is really hurting as it is disgusting.

The best however the general populace can do is to sustain and maintain peaceful stability for there can never be apt and tangible investiture in an aura devoid of tranquility.

Meanwhile, when it comes to peace and stability, and knowing that there prevails such a scenario in the country, it is not concerting to read or see in our local media what we witnessed over the week as concerns our resettlement minister while in Djibouti.

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