Somaliland: Energy Conserving Stoves to Substitute Charcoal



HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Government has announced changes in subsistence use of energy from charcoal cooking to resorting to less energy conserving stoves in a move meant to protect & conserve the environment.

Whilst signing a bilateral agreement with directors of Afro-China Company at his office the Industrialization Minister Mr. Abib Diriye Noor vowed the public to purchase energy conserving stoves for their subsistence use in cooking meals consequently avoiding deforestation activities necessitated by charcoal burning. Afro-China Company introduced the stoves as measures of curbing environmental degradation and would be purchased at designated points throughout the country.

Officials of Afro-China were promoting the use of less energy consuming stoves which they advocate as being cheap & manageable as oppose to cooking with charcoal which is expensive, unfriendly to environment as well as being cumbersome.

The energy conserving stoves were introduced when the Government signed a deal of mining coal in the country with the firm at the ministry’s head office in Hargeisa on Saturday 5th April.