Somaliland: End of Societal Ignorance


Citizens in Somaliland are slowly equipping theselves with the ability to make informed decisions

Somalilandsun- In general, our country is somehow an extremely poverty in every side and this is result of destruction cause war we had in years of 1980s to 1990s. The country is recovering from post conflict wars and transforming into constructing peace building, governance, democracy, reconstruction and little bit creating an environment business and trade. However, I grow up a country which its first economic pillar is livestock export. Livestock export was and today is the only active source of income. But, this source of resource is closing to end soon. As we all aware off, the situation context of pastoral in Eastern regions is extremely hard, no rains and mostly people were wiped out their positions with respect to prolonged droughts exits. I have witnessed a massive people who are travelled from Eastern, Southern, Northern and Western of Sang into Some Western part of Erigavo district for almost week without any assistant from external entity except their immediate families and relatives.

The scale of droughts affected people in Sanag region is uncountable. Current pastoralist’s situation was worsening in terms of animals, food, water and pasture. Livestock holding of poor household is highly-liked to shrink into small ruminant (small number of sheep/goats) or may be destitute in matter of months, if not rains started soon just for my prediction.

It is a time this ignorant society (nomads) shall stop rearing livestock and abandoned it and then, immigrate into urban cities. Because of nomad society gambled amenities of land by cutting poly flora plants, killing fauna species for charcoal and closing common grassland into tribal territory. Again, these nomads create hostile environment between themselves due to clan revenge without respecting the holly Quran, rule of law and that is why I call for them an ignorant society.
Having said that, to overcame repeating extreme droughts we have to educate our ignorant community to adopt and deal the harsh climate change by teaching coping mechanisms, peace coexistent, environmental conversation and preaching the holly book of Quran and other supplementary books of Haiths .
On other hand, droughts in Somaliland are black clouds surrounding political that may favor of postponing election which is helpful government to sustain power of instrument. Rather than setting up a long term comprehensive plan of saving, protecting and promoting the lives of nomads. Government shall come up with a strategic direction of saving country’s gross domestic product. The government shall accountable how to educate and orientate nomad community into positive way of life (sharing resources, hospitality and saving environment).
Today, (in the twenty first century) the life of nomads based on in and out migration of searching pasture and water shall be bring to end, and initiate a modernized animal husbandry which more beneficial than primitive system in the side of body condition and quantity of livestock holding. Also, this system of animal husbandry gives opportunity and chance to nomads to study basic educations of market and social values.
Apart from livestock rising, our country belongs to a large magnitude of fertile land. The degree of land that requires being utilized may generate income both family and government. So, government shall encourage and support subsistence farmers into extensive farming system. This contribution will add value to the country’s revenue and will create more jobs in the market.
More overall, people who are practice livestock rearing are the one responsible and accountable repeating drought due to disallow paying charity entitlements and killing lives of mankind. Pledging support and helping our drought affected people is the only way we can. We get blessing from Allah when and only when we care for each other happily.
By: Adam Ahmed Adam
The opinions expressed in this article are solely this of the author