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Livestock End Market Analysis-

Closing date: 15 Sep 2012

Development Alternatives, Inc.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Livestock End Market Analysis for USAID/Partnership for Economic Growth program Livestock Sub Activity Hargeisa, Somaliland

Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI) has been selected by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to implement the Partnership for Economic Growth program in Somaliland located in Hargeisa.

The principal aim of the program is to promote stability through economic growth in Somali areas by designing targeted interventions in leading value chains. Livestock, the largest value chain in Somaliland, is one of the program’s main focuses. Livestock production accounts for 60-65% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Among pastoralists, especially those classified as poor, 50-80% of income is derived from sale of livestock and 25-30% of food comes from livestock products. Sheep and goats account for 91% of all animal exports, and in 2010 a total of 2.352 million sheep and goats were exported through Berbera with an estimated value of over $160 million.

The serious challenges this sector faces for sustainability and growth therefore put a significant constraint on the country’s economy. The Partnership program is committed to understanding these challenges in order to make this export more competitive and profitable for the Somali people. DAI invites research institutions, universities, and consulting firms and similar entities to submit a proposal to conduct a livestock end market analysis for livestock in Somaliland and Somali Areas for the USAID/Partnership for Economic Growthprogram (USAID Contract # AID-EEM-I-00-07-00009/AID-623-TO-11-00001). RFP No: RFP-Partnership-2012/05 Title: Livestock End Market Analysis- Somaliland Issuing Office: DAI/Partnership for Economic Growth Head Office: Bada cas, Next to FAO, Kodbur District, Hargeisa, Somaliland

Submit Questions and RFP to: / Respond via e-mail w/ attached documents in

Date of Issue of RFP: August 24, 2012 Date Proposal Due: Time: By 5:00 p.m. local time (GMT+3) Date: September 15, 2012 Anticipated Type of Award: Firm Fixed Price Purchase Order

Basis of Award: Award will be made on the basis of a tradeoff source selection process. Award will be made to the Offer or whose final offer represents the best value using a combination of cost/price and technical or non-cost/price factors. Attachments TO RFP: Technical Specifications: All bidders are responsible to carefully review each attachment as listed in the full RFP and followany instructions that may be relevant to this procurement. The Livestock End Market Analysis will provide strategies and recommendations for improving the competitiveness of the Somali livestock and livestock products in the end-markets, in both the short and long term. The research will focus on both existing and potential new end markets, specifically: 1. End-market demand trends and future projections 2. Consumer/importer preferences and purchasing criteria

3. Distribution channels and key players 4. Price segments and value addition opportunities 5. Import requirements and regulations 6. Analysis of supply of export-grade livestock and sustainability of supply 7. Key challenges and prospects for Somali livestock exports Researchers will be expected to travel to Somaliland and selected Gulf Arab countries or other countries determined to be the main end markets to conduct 5 weeks of field research. Final report is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Interested Applicants: Please email to receive the full proposal with the complete SOW.

How to apply:

Interested Applicants: Please email to receive the full proposal with the complete SOW.