Somaliland “Elevation of Taleeh to Regional Level a Plus for Security and Development


Mayor Shaur

By: Yusuf M Hasan
TALEEH (Somalilandsun) – The residents of Taleeh have congratulated President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo for the creation of Haysimo region.

This was informed by the mayor of Taleeh Councillor Jama Isse Shaur during a telephone interview with Somalilandsun in which he termed the eleation of Taleeh and environs to Regional status as one that was much awaited by area residents.
Urging the national government to expedite the creation of Haysimo regional administrative structures the youthful mayor said “On the ground administrators will help hasten sustainable security and public service provision”
As he informed that Haysimo residents are excited about their newly acquired status as the 13th region in Somaliland the civic leader said the enthusiasm of the residents should be reciprocated with attendant benefits.
Said “the central government should taker advantage of the overwhelming support accorded President Silanyo’s creation of Haysimo region by beneficiary residents especially as pertains to clearing the few remaining secessionists”
The head of state established Haysimo region recently by hiving off the Taleeh district and adjacent settlements from Sool region after the national army evicted militias aligned to Khatumo secessionists.
The areas under the jurisdiction of Haysimo region whose capital is Taleeh town have not benefited from proper governance since Somaliland reclaimed its self rule on withdrawal from union with Somalia 23 years ago.

L-R Somaliland ministers Hirsi Haji Ali Ali Sandule and Ali Waranade are mobbed by Somaliland flag waving residents of Taleeh upon becoming the first government team from somaliland to visit in 23 y
This anomaly within the boundaries of Haysimo region were occasioned by the prevalence of anti-Somaliland elements led by Ali Khalif Galayd and sponsored by neighbouring Puntland which is a regional administration within the Somalia Federal government.
Reiterating his call for expedited establishment of regional administration structures Mayor Shaur said residents are in dire need of public service provision owing to the neglect occasioned them by the lengthily political differences that ceased just recently after the bold move by president Silanyo to shoo-off Puntland interventions and the subsequently eviction of Khatumo secessionist and their foreign funded militias.
Though we are happy with our regional status and residents in high anticipation of attendant benefits we are also aware of the indomitable task ahead for the central government considering all the needs of residents requiring attention.
The mayor said the major priority areas are:
• Establishment of proper law enforcement , thence law and order
• Seeing to the resettlement of conflict created IDP’s and
• Enhancement of the meager medical and educational facilities and services

Ex-clan militias aligned to Khatumo are inducted into the Somaliland national army in Taleeh/file

Queried on whether these were the only difficulties engulfing residents of the new region Councillor Shaur was quick to point out that problems were many but the above mentioned were the priority.
Said he, “in order to ensure sustainable livelihoods for citizens anywhere law and order thence security is priority number one, while resettling displaced residents will restore as sense of belonging and normalcy while medical services shall enable parents pursue gainful employment and education deterring youths from illegal immigration or succumbing to enticements to join secessionists militias.
Currently the main activity ongoing in the entire Haysimo region is peacebuliding which is being undertaken jointly by the government and local Traditional, political and religious leaders.
The Taleeh mayor who further revealed that the presence of units from the Somaliland army responsible for expulsion of Puntland sponsored militias has given citizens a new hope in life urged authorities to ensure that the existing temporary army bases are made permanent.

In conclusion the mayor of Taleeh Councillor Jama Isse Shaur who said that resident are ready and prepared to support government initiatives in the area reiterated the imperative urgency to expedite creation of administrative structures for Haysimo region.