Somaliland: “Elections in Somalia are Inconsequential” Prof Galayd


As the secessionists leader confirms commitment to the Somaliland and Khatumo reconciliation   talks

Prof Ali Khalif Galayd

By: Guled Abdi Mahir

Somalilandsun The leader of the so called Khatumo State Mr.Ali Khalif Galayd has confirmed that at no time will he hinder the ongoing talks with the Somaliland government. 

The secession leader accompanied by some officials of his administration refuted claims by some politicians who wanted the talks to be postponed until after Somalia’s elections are held telling them off that the talks are non of their business. He was speaking in a press conference which his administration called in their base Buhodle town. 

Flanked by executive council chairman of Khatumo political wing Mr. Mahmoud Sheikh Omar and their Information and Communication Officer Mr.Ahmed Ali Abdilahi , Prof Galayd removed the lid from the controversial claim by a splinter group calling itself the Committee of Founders of Khatumo State which called for the postponement of reconciliation talks with Somaliland until elections in Somalia are completed .
“This statement is fallacious having been issued by persons without authority in Khatumo state” said the professor
Adding that “We have decided as leaders of Khatumo to continue with talks with Somaliland, no other entity rather than the three Khatumo branches of government can represent the party but those old men calling for the stoppage of the talks are anomalously trying to grasp power and I don’t know where they got the authority to talk about Khatumo matters?” Mr.Ali Khalif Galayd inquired.
The Secessionist leader added that this splinter group calling for the postponement of Somaliland/Khatumo reconciliation talks have no legal mandate or authority to reach decision pertaining the talks. He had this to say “This Committee of Founders of Khatumo are not members of the three branches of Khatumo State and they are trying to hijack power, they are on the government of Somalia payroll to put the agenda of that government across.These people have been sent by Mogadishu to bring their agenda and propaganda; that is Somaliland/Khatumo talks should not continue until Somalia hold her elections. We are telling the our talks with Somaliland will continue as scheduled and Somalia does not concern us.”
“A meeting held by this group with a very dubious name the “Committee of Founders of Khatumo State held on 21st of December 2016 wrote to us a letter in a devious plot to gain foothold in Khatumo affairs
we condemn them with the strongest words possible they have no mandate in the Khatumo constitution.In this context we are fervently understating their intention ;of this group as sinister and announce to our people to be vigilant against this people trying to masquerade as their leaders.” Said Khatumo Information and Communication officer. The government of Somaliland started talks with the Khatumo leadership in late 2016 in Addis Ababa.