Somaliland – Election is the Best Tool to Tame Politicians


Taming Somaliland politiicans through the ballot box

By: Mo Ali/Medeshi
Somalilandsun – It is necessary to hold elections in a democratic country . As all men are born equal , no one man has the mandated authority over the other except through regulated system.
Elections therefore benefit the masses all the time but mostly once every election time.

How? People in the civilized world elect representatives according to their education, charisma and mostly as per the pledges the candidates make. In each constituency ,the fulfillment of election promises by the elected MP or senate guarantees re-election. Failure to do so makes that MP or senate out of the office in the next election because people will not elect him/her again.
In recent history in UK , the Liberal Democrats gained 57 seats in the Houses of Parliament at Westminster during 2010 elections.
In 2015 elections, the party barely held 8 seats. The reason: Lib Dems planned in their campaign before election to abandon tuition fees. They later broke that promise and agreed with the Tories to raise the fees from £3.000/year to £9000/year. Students and parents have later revolted and punished the Lib Dems in the 2015 elections.
Tuition fees are loaned to the students to be paid back after they start work .
And so elections teach politicians lessens that cannot be done through demonstrations and strikes.
Elections are therefore, essential for the democratization of Somaliland and the process towards prosperity and progress of this young nation. Somaliland wants recognition by the countries of the world and therefore, should prove itself as a democratic country where elections are held on time ;the rule of law is exercised and freedom of press and speech is respected. Sultans and clan elders should stay out of politics as it becomes clan politics when they interfere. Their responsibility as elders is covered by the Guurti.
Somaliland people should put clan politics aside and concentrate on progress and prosperity of its people. Ageing leaders should give way to the younger generations/new-blood to take over and lead the nation. Clinging to power for the sake of power is counterproductive and often leads to uprising and violence.
And so I say : Elections in Somaliland should be held on 1 June 2016 as announced by the National Election Commission ( NEC) and supported by the donors and by the international community .

The author Mohamed Ali is editor of