Somaliland: Elders Resolve Army Battalion Conflict


Elbur TownBy: Yusuf M Hasan

ELBUUR (Somalilandsun) – Planned Defections to Puntland by some members of the national army based in Sanaag have been diffused.

This came about after elders of Elbuur in Sanaag region ordered the local army commander to pay outstanding salaries to his troops.

As reported by Ramaasnews a meeting between the Elders of Elbuur and the local army battalion commander Colonel Abdilahi ‘Deere’ agreed to ensure that the troops are paid their outstanding salaries thus negate plans for their defection to Puntland.

The outstanding salary was in the hands of a former commander removed from the post after prolonged misunderstandings with the troops. Reports indicate that the salaries in dispute were in his custody during his removal from the Elbuur military command.


The who elders urged Colonel to immediately resolve the conflict informed that it will be of negative impact if the troops most of whom originally defected from Puntland re-defected back to the tribal enclave due to a minor issue such as non-payment of salaries.

“It took a long time and efforts to have these soldiers recant allegiance to Puntland thus a great shame if they subsequently recant their allegiance to their Somaliland motherland,” said the elders in a statement.

The elders also revealed that the presence of some Puntland army units 23 kms from the town is an issue that requires urgent resolution before things get out of hand.

Elbuur is one of the areas that Puntland falsely claims as part of its territory