Somaliland: Elders Dissatisfaction Wobbles Fate of Defense Minister


As a Sultan Saeed delegation of Warsengeli Clan elders visits Hargeisa to Parley with presidency

Warsengeli elders at a past clan meeting with Somaliland officials

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – The Warsengeli clan are to discuss their share of the national cake as well as the burning issue of defense minister as an ineffective representative of the clan in the Somaliland central government.

To this effect a large delegation of elders from the Sanaag region based clan led by their senior most traditional leader Sultan Saeed Sultan Abdisalam Garad Ali Shire is expected in the capital Hargeisa for talks with the government as far up as the presidency.

According to Somalilandsun sources consultations between the clan and government have two horns namely the re-establishment of hitherto source relations with the central administration and the replacement of defense minister Ahmed Adami.

For a long time, complaints against the defense minister, a son of the Warsengeli as pertains his lackluster attention to his constituency.

According to our source the deterioration of relations between the clan leadership and Somaliland presidency is also as a result of the alleged dreary performance by the defense minister.

A pointer to this allegation can be ascertained by the fact that despite visiting Erigavo the Sanaag regional capital on several occasions while on official duties even those related to his clan he has never deemed it necessary to extend his presence to the east of the region where he originates from.

“How does a leader lead without empirical knowledge generated from regular consultations” says a Badhan district elder who requested anonymity while adding that in the over five years since Armed Adami was appointed defense minister he has put his foot in the area twice.

Meanwhile contradictory information indicates that the Sultan Saeed delegation which is expected in Hargeisa either on the 19th or 20th September is as a result of arrangements with the defense minister.

If this be so Ahmed Adami is obviously intent on cushioning the fall out between the clan and president as well as nib the under orchestration moves to have him replaced.

Sultan Saeed Sultan Abdisalaam Garad Ali Shire and Defense minister Ahmed Adami shedueled for a battle of might in Hargeisa SomalilandIn lieu of the imperatives of ensuring all communities in the country are availed equitable access to the national cake in its various guises having this clan re-establish relations with highest authorities is apt considering its proximity and central role in the dispute with Puntland.

For Somaliland its main Achilles tendon as a nation emanates from regular political and armed incursions into East Sanaag and Sool regions by Puntland.

The long standing acrimonies in the east are related to the quest by officials of the Somalia regional administration in Garowe to annex these areas under the jurisdiction of Somaliland and predominated by Warsengeli and Dulbahante clans that share the Darood lineage with the Majeerten of Puntland

Though Residents of East Sanaag have regularly decried continued insecurity in the area precipitated by Garowe authorities the Puntland annexation dream is only put on hold by a strong detachment of Somaliland defense forces that have established bases close to the border.

Whatever the case having the Warsengeli clan who reside in areas bordering the Somalia region of Puntland, move in tandem with the central authorities is a worthy cause regardless of the personal fortunes of the defense minister.

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