Somaliland: Elafweine Clan Clashes Stabilized, Says Prof Faraton


As the interior minister reveals that voter cards issuance in Sanaag and Sool Regions main issue now.

Somaliland interior minister Prof Yasin Haji Mahmud Hiir Faraton

Somalilandsun – The government of Somaliland is firmly in control of things as pertains clan clashes in Eel Afweine district of Sanaag region
This was revealed by interior minister Prof Yasin Haji Mahmud Hiir ‘Faraton’ during an interview with Geeska Afrika in Hargeisa where he also informed that all systems are go for the presidency exercise of voter cards distribution by the Somalilamd national elections commissions-NEC in both Sanaag and Sool regions
On the recent recurrence of skirmishes between clans resident in Daraweine location in Eel afweine district in the country’s eastern region of Sanaag in which a number of people died and others injured , minister Faraton said
“Following dispatch of beefed up security personnel now firmly in control of the scene of clashes, skirmishes have been completely ceased”
Stressing on the fact that the government of president Silanyo is committed to ensuring citizens live peacefully anywhere in the country Prof Yasin Faraton said that not only will security personnel be maintained but will remain their until final and sustainable reconciliation is achieved through cooperation with traditional leaders.
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Similarly the interior minister revealed that due to the nature of skirmishes recurrence in Eel Afweine the government is cooperating closely with elders of the Guurti ( upper chamber of parliament) with a view to effecting a tight and unbreakable reconciliation agreement between the two brotherly clans.
“While we are putting various reconciliation mechanisms in place let me take this opportunity to inform that investigations are underway as per root cause of the clashes” said interior minister Faraton adding that anyone found to be instigating the clashes will surely face the wrath of law.
On the issue of just about to be commence voter cards distribution in the two eastern regions of Sanaag and Sool, Prof Faraton revealed that his ministry is closely coordinating with NEC and “as per now all systems are go”
Urging residents of the two regions not to miss out on the opportunity to elect a leader of their choice the Somaliland interior minister Prof Yasin Haji Mahmud Hiir ‘Faraton’ said collection of voter cards by all registered voters was a prerequisite
“While we assure that not a single registered voter shall be denied his/her card it is also the voters obligation to visit the NEC centers established in the two regions thence collect the relevant document”