Somaliland: Egal International in Phase II of Modernization Works


“Erigavo – Burao Road Construction to Commence Anon” – V.P Sayli

Somaliland VP Abdirahman Sayli assisted by aviation minister Mahmud A Hashi lays the foundation stone to Egal Airport phase II expansion project

By: Moody Boodle

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The dream of 375km tarmac road linking Erigavo and Burao is about to become a reality the government having acquired relevant machinery and funds required.

This development comes after the Somaliland Vice President Hon. Abdirahman Abdilahi Sayli announced that several heavy plants like bulldozers, rollers e. t. c are due in the country within days. V. P Sayli who revealed this during a function launching the second phase of the Egal Airport project also informed that several farming tractors geared towards the consignment incoming from China.

The modernization work at the airport will ensue with an addition of another 1.5km and two other multi- purpose buildings funded by the Kuwait government. The V.P thanking the Kuwaiti government for continued funding towards the country airport modernization promised the government commitment and determination in utilizing the donation as required and planned for.

 VP Sayli is brieifed by works Consultants

In the V.P officiated ceremony at the city based airport where various stakeholders from government, donors, legislatives and members of the public.

The Minister of Aviation Hon. Mahmud Hashi informed the expansion work will take six months commencing from 1st March 2014.

In the first phase of the Kuwaiti funded project worth 10 million dollars whose beneficiaries included the Berbera airport also saw the runway at Egal airport elongated thus making it possible for big airlines to ply the route as opposed pre status that only small aircrafts utilized.