Somaliland: Education Ministry Sees-off Retirees in Style


Gahnug receives a certificate gratitude and 10000Lengthily Service to the nation deserves reward“- Hon Zamzam Abdi

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Teachers have become the first civil servants to retire in style.

The ministry of education and higher studies has cushioned the retirement of six elderly teachers with the hefty sum of $10,000 each as a mark of appreciation for lengthily service to the public.

The six long serving teachers also received certificates of service recognition during their retirement ceremony held at the Marodi jeeh regional education conference hall in Hargeisa where the retiree’s glee was hard to hide.

and witnessed by officials from the European union and UNICEF

Officiating at the historic ceremony for the country’s civil servants was the minister of education M/s Zamzam Abdi Aden, minister of Labour & Social services Mr. Mahmud Barre Garaad, The Chancellor of Amoud University Prof Suleiman, Head of the civil service Mr. Nuh Sh Muse and representatives from the two program sponsoring bodies of UNICEF and the European Union.

According to Minister Zamzam Abdi the education sector and country at-large owe the six recipients of the retirement golden handshake a lot due to their dedication to their trade that spJoint MOE UNICEF  EU Pension Fund Committeeans decades.

Said she, “It is a honour for me to officiate at this function of significant importance pertaining to the award of a token of gratitude to six of long serving teachers who are retiring due to advanced age”

Adding that teachers who have served their country for a long period are not donkeys thus discarded once advanced age catches up with them, Ms Zamzam revealed that on assumption of her current post she facilitate the return to work of a large number of aged teachers who had been retired without any benefits at all.

While informing that the head of state is fully supportive of the golden handshake program for retiring civil servants the Education minister thanked both the EU and UNICEF for support with the funds.

This function is a milestone within the civil service within the country that is devoid a pension fund thus the continued service for very aged persons.3 of the retired teachers awarded hefty handshakes

A veteran teacher Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Saeed “Dhego-weyne” who was among the beneficiaries who thanked the ministry of education and partner organizations said that he can now retire in a semblance of comfort and esteem within the community.

Other beneficiaries included Mr. Mohamed Kahin Diriye, Mr. Mahmud Haji Hasan “Tuluh’, Mr. Mahmud Mohamed Ismail and Mr. Abdi Gah’nug

While congratulating the ministry of education, EU and UNICEF for this noble gesture to a worthy cause the Somalilandsun also wishes the six veteran teachers a comfortable retirement worthy of gallant and dedicated civil servants who spent their lives nurturing the country’s future..