Somaliland: EDNA Makes Somaliland Proud


“Don’t Push us towards extremism, terrorism and piracy” Edna Aden

By: Latifa Yusuf

NAIROBI (Somalilandsun) – At a recent meeting organized by Somaliland Society in Europe-SSE held in Belgium’s capital of Brussels eminent Somaliland lady Edna Aden told the international community “Don’t Push us towards terrorism and piracy”

This was in response to continued refusal by the so called international community to acknowledge Somaliland’s 21 years quest for recognition as a sovereign state.

Ms Edna further said that the international community which has failed in its interventions in Somalia that has expended billions of dollars should embrace Somaliland and the successes that it has achieved because refusal to acknowledge Somaliland would lead the country to extremism, piracy and terrorism.

She further said that the aspirations of the country’s youths for a better life, jobs, sovereignty etc. should not be ignored as they might lead to disasters of a magnitude that the world has not seen.

She stressed on the fact that Somaliland’s independence is irrevocable thus non-negotiable while questioning the intentions of those advocating for a reunion with the Italian Somalia

Who will want to unite with Terrorists, Al-shabaab? Who will want to unite with Pirates?

Well as is clear not Somaliland!!!!!

While this is so Somalilanders wonder what is wrong with the foreign policy of our government which seems determined to drive the country towards ultimate union with the terrorists and Pirates

Edna Aden thank you very much for continuing to be our good ambassador abroad and we sure miss the days when you managed our foreign policy.

Those days are remembered as the ones where the country had the best thought out foreign policy.