Somaliland: Edna Hospital’s Tiny Hands and Big Smiles


By Amy Szabo,

Somalilandsun – The bright white façade of the building, which stands in stark contrast to the dusty streets of Hargeisa, mirrors the clean interior of the Edna Adan University Hospital.

Built by nurse midwife, former first lady, and diplomat Edna Adan Ismail to address the grave health problems that endanger the lives of women and children of Somaliland, the hospital and its staff and volunteers have delivered over 14,000 babies, performed over 300 fistula repair surgeries and diagnosed, worried about and cared for tens of thousands of other patients.

Patients such as Harir, the first baby born in the hospital in 2002. Thanks to the hospital, Harir was able to come into the world safely. He is growing, and is strong and happy. He even helped the hospital celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2012!

And then there is “Tiger.” Tiger’s real name is Muhamed, but, after being born prematurely, the staff gave him his nickname because of his toughness and will to live. Tiger spent his first month of life in the hospital’s NICU. This little guy was delivered early by caesarian section, because his mother had eclampsia. Without Edna’s vision and determination to build the hospital, neither Tiger nor his mom would have survived.

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