Somaliland: Economic Boom Beckons


“I think it is about time that we have welcomed investment in our country”M.A Medeshi
Somaliland map 2

Somalilandsun-The recent approval of the republic of Somaliland of the investment by the UAE in a military base in Berbera is a golden opportunity for the people of Somaliland.
It was in the late 1880s when our ancestors refused the British to land in Somaliland coasts and made them sign an agreement on a leather sheet before landing and had urged them not let any of their offspring born in Somaliland. They had also refused universities and colleges built in the country.
As a result countries like Kenya and Uganda had been given what had been assigned for Somaliland such as Makerere university and other universities.
Our country is semi-arid land and most of its parts are scorched and barren lands such as the Guban.
Imagine driving between Burao and Berbera or Berbera and Hargeisa and the scorched hills or mountains around the roads that lead to these cities. It will stay like this forever unless us , the landers take action and change the landscape or get investment to let others change it.
We have recurrent droughts but have little strategy or no money to either combat or alleviate the recurrent suffering of our nomadic and pastoralist people .
Investment could help in securing drinking and agricultural waters for the majority of the farmers and also for the nomads.
Denying foreign investment in Somaliland, particularly from a Muslim country is hypocritical.
Political rivalry should be brushed aside when it comes to the national interest. Clan factor is also a disaster in Somaliland. I know that Somaliland people still need to be educated on national interest, public ownership and the effects of tribalism on the progress of our country.
On the other hand , the Somaliland government should be transparent and talk to the people. The president needs to address the public on regular occasions to assure the people about his leadership capabilities. Talk of his poor health and lack of awareness of what is happening around him in the presidential palace is denting his leadership and creating worries among the public.
Freedom of speech should be respected and the elected lawmakers should not imprisoned or intimidated by the police.
Again we welcome any investment in our country as long as the process of investment is done democratically and with the approval of the house of the parliament and the Guurti.
I sense an economic boom for the republic of Somaliland in the coming few years. Let us not go against the tide.
By M. Ali Medeshi