Somaliland: Eastern Regions Protection Briefing Note


Somaliland sun- The intense and persistent drought beginning in 2016 has devastated Somaliland, wiping out millions of livestock, the key to rural livelihoods, and displacing over 700,000 people.

As 2018 comes to a close, hundreds of thousands of people remain displaced, precariously surviving. Recovery remains elusive, as drought conditions continue and people lack the resources to rebuild livelihoods. Protracted displacement amplifies protection risks, as competition for resources increases, and other tensions grow, such as amongst clans, and between hosts and internally displaced persons (IDPs). Women and children face the most acute risks.

In this  briefing note, below, Oxfam draws attention to some of the main protection and gender concerns for displaced people in Somaliland in specific connection with the drought, and calls for comprehensive and sustained action by all stakeholders to address the highlighted concerns.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”oxfam eastern somaliland protection briefing note – december 2018″]