Somaliland: East Sanaag Residents Denounce Puntland


Elders at the Badhan meeting recant association with Puntland/fileBy: H.O Horri

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Elders from Eastern Sanaag region have submitted their peace accords to the president.

Persistent Puntland mischief in the country is now outdated following denunciations made by residents of Badhan district in eastern Sanaag.

17 elders representing a section of the Warsengeli clan of Badhan district submitted their peace accords to the president H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo at the presidency where they officially recanted their allegiance to the Somalia Regional administration of Puntland.

The elders who arrived in the capital city a few days ago after conclusion of an all-inclusive clan meeting in Badhan where it was unanimously agreed that continued association with Puntland was destructive to communal welfare.

Led by Sultan Hasan Ali Jibril, Ugas Ibrahim Shibin Makhiri, chiefs Mahmoud Abdale and Hasan Farah, the elders informed president Silanyo that their clans decision is final thus 100% allegiance to the republic of Somaliland.

They requested the president for urgent humanitarian and development support that has eluded the district due to its former dual allegiance that ensued with conflicting administration headaches on the part of the Sanaag regional government. The elders specifically asked the president to authorize organizations currently based at the Erigavo regional capital to open sub branches in their districts.

The elders who thanked Somalilanders in Sanaag, Togdheer, Sahil and Marodi-jeeh regions for the warm reception accorded their delegation at every stop during their journey from Badhan to Hargeisa, said the brotherly welcome made them realize what their community missed during its era of political association with Puntland.

President Silanyo who thanked the elders and their community for the bold gesture of peaceful reconciliation said that their requests would be facilitate after consultations with relevant authorities.

The head of state said that the peace in east Sanaag and Buhodle, which has eluded the country for some time, thus facilitating unwarranted mischiefs from Puntland is now at an end following peace accords under joint implementation by the central authorities and area elders.