Somaliland: Dutch Government Studying Volume and Format of Aid Delivery


Foreign Minister Dr Omar concludes foreign trip with development pledgesBy: Yusuf M Hasan

The Hague (Somalilandsun) – Following detailed briefing by the foreign minister the Dutch government promised to look into both the volume and the format for aid delivery to Somaliland.

This development came after meeting between foreign minister Dr. Mohamed Abdilahi Omar held in Copenhagen with the Dutch Minister for security and the Director General of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the International cooperation Service in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Dr. Omar who is currently on transit back home In the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa told Somalilandsun his briefing to the Dutch authorities which first of such deep discussions between the two countries revolved around Somaliland’s achievements, security and future aspirations.

Other Topics discussed included Development aid, the Somaliland Trust Fund, economic investment and broader Horn of Africa politics which resulted

The foreign minister Also explained and lobbied for Dutch government to join The UK and Denmark in the way they provide assistance to Somaliland through the trust fund, which they found effective thus a commitment by the Danish Authorities to look into both the volume and the format for aid delivery to Somaliland

Prior to Arrival in the Netherlands the foreign minister met and held discussions in Rortterdam where he briefed Diaspora Somalilanders on prevalent situation in Somaliland especially as pertains to security and multi-sectored developments.

The over one week visit abroad by foreign minister Dr. Mohamed Abdilahi Omar was at the behest of the prestigious German think tank “Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik” in Berlin where he presented a paper on “Somaliland’s statehood” to an international audience composed of legislators, Diplomats, Journalists, Academics and Investors.

Before the statehood presentation at “Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik” Dr. Omar had concluded agreements with KfW Development Bank and GIZ following successful discussions with officials from German ministry of foreign affairs in Berlin. GIZ is the official international development arm of the German government

The two institutions of KfW Development Bank and GIZ are set to visit the country in the first half of this year thus undertake feasibility studies for the promised interventions in the investment and development sectors through funding by the German central coffers.

The briefing by Dr. Omar to the German foreign ministry which dwelt on prevalent security status in Somaliland as well as her active participation in the fight against piracy and Terrorism in the turbulent Horn of Africa region and the need for Germany’s direct support to the yet unrecognized republic of Somaliland the Berlin authorities pledging substantial support and cooperation immediately after the assessment mission by KfW Development Bank and GIZ.