Somaliland: Dusk to Dawn Curfew Imposed in the Sool Regional Capital


LASANOD town placed on curfew

By: Omar Mohamed Farah

 LASANOD(Somalilandsun)- Somaliland’s government has imposed a curfew to Lasanod, Sool regional capital, after three had been killed in outskirt village to southern Lasanod city on Tuesday, official said.

According to the Mustafa Abdi Esse Aka (Shine) a Sool regional governor declared the death toll and the curfew which they imposed the city. This accident is relevant to deadly skirmishes that erupted recently in Sool region  between two local clans where more than ten people lost their lives and others suffered injuries.


 “Three one of  a woman had been killed by gun men in early time on Tuesday in village located outskirt of Lasanod regional capital in order to maintain the peace and the security we decided that Lasanod will be underwent a curfew the  coming 24 hours,” Sool Governor said on speaking Somalilandsun to night.

Mustafa Shine added as saying “a person who is being napped with having a gun would be jailed and hand over the weapons.”

The Sool Governor pledged that Somaliland government will intervene forcefully these barbaric murders which are deterring the peace and the security of the region.

 Governor of the Sool region of Somaliland Mustafa Abdi ShineThis became after one day  when Somaliland’s Interior Minister, Ali Mohamed Waran’ade has sent warning messages to the two clans engaged in deadly violence  that erupted recently in Sool region.

The Minister insisted  that they could take military steps any side of the both two clans tries to refuse the peace building reconciliation, Minister of interior released this statement after when he arrived Lasanod, capital of Sool region on Sunday.