Somaliland: Drumming for Food and Water Reliability Commences on March 1st


By: A.A. J.

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) Somaliland will held the week of water and food starting on first to seven March 2014.

The ministers of Planning Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire, Agriculture, Prof. Farah Elmi Mohamud Gedole, and the Minister of Water Hon. Hussein Ahmed Abdulle has told the media that starting from first Mrach this year will the week of food and water all over the country.

The Minister said their aim of announcing the week of food and water is to encourage farmers to grow more crops for both local consumption and export.

They said farmers have to redouble their efforts in growing crops, and they have to preserve water footings during the raining season.

Among the ministers who also announced the week of food and water are the ministers of environment Hon. Shukri Haji Bondare she said that the week of food and water is important. This will be awareness to the farmers and to encourage youth for farming.

The officials NERAD were among the people attended this meeting.