Somaliland: Drug smugglers from Djibouti Arrested


By: Yusuf M Hasan

LOWYA’ADO (Somalilandsun) – over 25 kilograms Cannabis sativa consignment has been captured by Salal region police.

The illegal drugs consignment of Cannabis sativa popular known as “Hashish” or “Ganja” was found in possession of two men by border police at Lowya’ade, the main entry point to the country from Djibouti where most of drugs originate from.

According to the Lowya’ade border police who identified the two drug traffickers as Abdi Jama Bile 35 and Ahmed Abdi Farah 31, in the recent past drug smuggling from Djibouti has been in the increase thus their extra vigilance at night when the two were arrested.

The two drug lords who were caught red handed and immediately transferred to the regional central police station at Seyla will be arraigned in court as soon as related paperwork is complete since relevant evidence is available.

It is hoped that the fate of the two will not end up as that of the woman who was arrested at the same border post in possession of a large consignment of alcohol. The woman is yet to be arraigned in court.

Since the new police commissioner Gen Abdilahi Fadal Iman assumed office early this year, police in various parts of the country have intensified their anti- drug activities in pursuit of fulfilling the generals promise to eliminate alcohol and Ganja smuggling.

The two arrested join others captured by Hargeisa police in possession of 750 litres of alcohol and a big bunch of Ganja and a mark II vehicle that was used to ferry the illegal substances from neighbouring Ethiopia.

Gen Fadal who assumed this office recently said that eliminating drugs in the country was one of the pledges he made during the handover ceremony had then thanked members of the [public for the tipoff

While the current arrests are just but a sample of what is to come, maybe it is worthwhile for Gen Fadal to take a closer look at the type of business that operates behind Gandhi library which is next to the Hargeisa Central Police.

While we are not sanctioned investigators, everybody in Hargeisa is aware that Alcohol and Ganja is sold in that area and the big question is these traders in illegal substance protected considering proximity of their businesses to the police station?