Somaliland: Drought Overwhelms Haysimo Region, Governor Sends SOS


Drought displaced reach over 400 families in Haysimo region of Somaliland

By: Abdilahi Saeed Muhumed
TALEEH (Somalilandsun) – “Unless something is done and done urgently the effects of prolonged drought among residents of Hasyimo region shall turn to disaster”
This alarm was raised by the Hasysimo regional Governor Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed ‘Hiir’ during a presser in his regional capital Taleeh where he called for expediated emergency relief supplies from both the centraql government in Hargeisa and international community worldwide.
“Our predominantly nomadic community is reeling from the effects of drought that has seen the depletion of water for both livestock and human thence severe famine” said governor Hiir adding that the ministry of livestock development should also dispatch veterinarians to the eastern region immediately.
Stating that over four hundred pastoral families internally displaced by the drought are currently settled at Duumay village in Taleh district Governor Hiir who revealed their status as dire said that his regional administration is completely overwhelmed thence appeal for urgent outside support.
Said he, “Our regional coffers have been exhausted by the displaced residents who are engulfed by lack of water and grazing pastures after watering points dried out and grass wiped out due to nonexistent rains”
Adding that the effects of drought have weakened the few remaining livestock, Governor Hiir said immediate veterinary attention is imperative since the weak status have resulted in non resistance by the stocks, “The ministry of livestock must second veterinarians and outreach officers immediately” thus salvage what few is remaining.
Hasysimo regional Governor Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed Hiir
The governor who applauded regular reports of drought relief supplies being availed residents of other affected regions in the east of Somaliland urged the local and international donors to turn their attention to his Haysimo region whose residents are similarly in need thence worthy of relief.
The severe drought engulfing the eastern regions in which over half a million citizens of Somaliland mostly nomads has seen a massive response by the international community, government and political parties both opposition and ruling mostly in Toghdeer, Sanaag and to a lesser extent Sool regions thence justification for the Haysimo appeal.