Somaliland: Drought Bites Parts of Eastern Regions


Children are hard hit by the recurring drought in the eastern regions of Somaliland

By M.A. Egge
Somaliland sun-A committee comprising of local Burao civil councilors and Togdeer administrative leaders have commenced a fact finding mission across the region to evaluate and monitor the extent of drought and/or its impact.
The task committee has already toured Balli-Alanle, Shaahid,Faadumo-i-joog, Karin, Gatama and numerous local rural centres that have size-able populations that has been displaced from Sool, Saraar and Sanaag regions.
Councilor Mubarik Yusuf Elmi Bidi described the situation as severe.
“The fact of the matter is that the people and the government should liaise to save the lives of the affected people”, he said.
“The animals have been affected seriously”, he added, and continued,
“Every ten steps or so you take you see emaciated livestock, be they camels or shoats”.
He said that the internally displaced persons they saw came from Waridaad, Widhwidh, Hayira, Eel-afwein, Gar-adag etc and that the situation was indeed dire.
He said that the sad thing was that frail women and children were often see lethargic under trees hence they needed both food rations and medicines.
He appealed to the President, both houses of the bicameral national parliament, the political parties and the people at large to join forces and help alleviated the serious plight of the people in the rural areas.