Somaliland: Dr Mao’s Activity Exposed


Dr Maow

Somalilandsun – The Somaliland authority is right to ban Dr Mao-Aweys from practicing medicine in Somaliland in general and specifically in Gynaecology.

In England the General Medical Council registers all doctors who are practicing medicine. According to their official website Dr Mao-Aweys is registered as a “GP (General Practitioner)”; “This doctor is NOT on the Specialist Register”. It is, therefore, illegal for him to practice other than General Practice and only the countries he is registered with. If he, however, wants to practice medicine in countries he is not registered with such as Somaliland he has to submit his medical documents to that country and wait for permission to practice before seeing patients.

I fully support the ban imposed up on his private activities in Somaliland for two main reasons: Firstly, he is NOT registered with Somaliland National Health Profession Commission (NHPC). Secondly, contrary to his claim, he is NOT a specialist of any field of medicine let alone Gynaecology. He is NOT even a General Physician either. He is registered as a General Practitioner (GP) in England which is totally different from a General Physician.

Finally, Dr Mao – Aweys is lucky to escape a long term prison or a heavy fine by practising medicine in a country that he is not registered with. The Government of Somaliland, however, can arrest him again and then seek advice from the General Medical Council in England regarding his status of registration.

Dr Mohamud Ali Ege

I practice medicine in England

I am registered with the GMC