Somaliland: DP World’s Berbera Contract is not Public but Personal Oriented’


Says Wadani party acting chairperson Abdiqadir Jirde while terming quest for recognition as a lost cause under Kulmiye party administration

acting Wadani party leader Abdiqadir Jirde lambasts DP World Berbera contract

Somalilandsun — Most government institutions in the country are collapsing or already collapsed.
This was stated by the acting Opposition Wadani party chairperson Abdiqadir Jirde during a meet the youth in Ahmed Dagaha estate in Hargeisa where he also touched on issues related to the not for public DP World contract for Berbera as well as the quest for international recognition

Alluding to to the poor policies put in place by the Kulmiye party administration of president Silanyo, the Opposition politician said the overt practice of corruption, discernibly as one endowed with a presidential nod, has not only reversed economic growth, deteriorated living standards but collapsed administrative structures.
Said he, “the carts Blanche authority endowed leaders thence, only me policies being practiced within the administration is not only directly related to the almost collapsed economy but redundant government structures as well” said Abdiqadir Jirde.
Urging youths not to be bystanders as pertains national issues, the Wadani party chief , alluded the don’t care attitude as the one that has given the Kulmiye party- President Silanyo administration the impetus to reverse most gains garnered by Somalilamd, prior to 2010 .
While Silanyo took office following a majority vote win in the 2010 presidential elections, the quest for the international recognition of Somaliland was in the global limelight, “discussed in all important capitals in the west, Africa etc” said the Wadani chief adding that systematic destruction of the foreign policy structures put in place by the UDUB Party- President Rayale administration have changed things.
As example for the anti-recognition Policies effected by the current administration, Abdiqadir Jirde said that most important diplomatic offices abroad were shut down, while their related budgets continue to be paid.
“What was justification for firing Iqbal Jahzby, the Somaliland representative in South Africa and closing the office , to mention just one” queried the politician as he claimed that the office in South Africa was the most active in the quest for international recognition.
Pointing to how effective Iqbal Jahzby was as diplomatic representative, the assembled youths were informed that imkidiately Somaliland relieved him, Ambassador Jahzby, of his duties a great full South Africa didn’t hesitate appointing him as its ambassador to Eritrea, where he currently oversees and perfectly in Asmara.
Turning to the much touted contract worth $422m awarded DP World to managed and develop Berbera port for the next 30 years, Abdiqadir Jirde did not mince words as he revealed that “contrary to alluded public interest intent, the real motive behind this deal was to enable a select individuals gain financially”
Abdiqadir Jirde is to take over Wadani party leadership form Irro after Somaliland presidential elections later in the year Decrying the no longer secret collapse of administrative structures, the institutionalized corruption that has turned citizens to paupers not to mention the lost opportunity for international recognition of Somaliland as a soverign nation, the Opposition politician said
“Only Wadani party can try the impossible of correcting the Kulmiye party-president Silanyo administration ills afflicted upon the country” thence urging the youths to not only vote Wadani party during this November’s presidential election but actively campaign for its candidate Abdirahman Irro.