Somaliland: Domestic Help Assaulted by Employer


By Guleid Abdi Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Miss Siraad Jama, a 17years old orphan girl working as a maid, in Hargeisa has been assaulted by her employers.

The orphan was purportedly taken to work for the abusive family a day before her ordeal.

She said that the couple claimed that the mobile phone was missing from the house before they ran amok and descended on her with blows and kicks.

Miss. Siraad said that the husband used a stick to hit her. She reported to New Hargeisa police station where the officers referred her to the Hargeisa General hospital after which she went back to her guardian house.

Miss Siraad had bruises all over her face and had bled profusely.

Speaking to a local daily (Horn of Africa) where two women brought her to complain the abuse of the wicked family, the two women accused the police at new Hargeisa police station for complicity in their duty by not taking action against the couple who had been beastly to the young orphan girl in their employment.

This incident is new to Somaliland which has never publicly witnessed something like this before.

The police is duly obliged to act as necessary.