Somaliland: Doctor Maow Released but Government Imposed ban to Attend Patients Stands


Health DG Hussein WarsamePerusal of his (Dr Maow) credentials reveal that he is a general practitioner thenceDr Maow not a specialist in any specific branch of medicine as claimed” DG ministry of Health

“I am a specialist with vast medical exposure in both Germany & England spanning over 25 years” Dr Maow

By: Osman A.M.


Director General-DG in the Ministry of Health maintained the government’s position with reference to the released European based Somali Doctor vowing that he has not fulfilled the circumstances warranting to be granted the green light to operate locally thence his ban stands.

This comes after police went to a private clinic where Dr. Maow was attending to patients within Hargeisa & arrested him for not possessing a practitioners’ license thence spending five days behind the bars before his release on Monday.

While being interviewed by BBC Somali Program the D.G. at Health Ministry Dr. Osman Hussein Warsame maintained his position that Dr. Maow is a general physician and not a specialist in a specific branch of medicine. Responding to a question asked by Hargeisa based BBC reporter as to what justified the Government’s position Dr. Osman said;

“Dr. Maow has advertised his practice as one meriting a specialized gynecologist contrary to what he is, that is a General Physician. Upon perusal of his credentials after applying for a medical practitioners’ license, the National Health Profession Commission (NHPC) as well as experts in the profession, the Commission was of the opinion of not admitting him to operate in Somaliland”.

Meanwhile Dr. Maow rubbished the D.Gs’ theory as not a watertight one given the fact that he possessed vast exposure spanning for over 25 years in Germany & England hence queried the denial of local practice despite being a Somali by ethnicity & fluent in the language.

Dr. Maow regretted of the incident leading to his arrest vowing that no one can question his competency as he operates two clinics in England – one in London & the other one in Birmingham in addition to another one in Germany where he studied for his undergraduate degree in addition to his postgraduate degree in General Medicine.

Dr Maow who was released earlier on Monday was arrested and detained by Hargeisa police on Thursday after the deputy health Minister Nimo Qawdan backed by NHPC said that he was practicing as a gynecologist in the country fraudulently

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