Somaliland: “Do Not Forsake Aged and Ailing Artists” –Actor Tusey


Actor Uraade Tusey

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government and people of Somaliland have been urged to see to it that aged artists are taken care of especially when ailing.

The urgings were made by Actor Hasan Ismail Ura’ade who became famous in the If iyo Akhiro play in which he acted as Tusey in the love drama player that continues to enflame hearts decades later due to the tribulations that the love affair between Tusey and Tusmo (Sahra Ahmed Jama) underwent leading to the death of both.

Speaking to Somalilandsun at his residence next to police headquarters in Hargeisa the man who in 1998 formed GODIR the Somaliland police troupe which brings Actors, musicians and singers etc together in performance says that owing to the low pay earned by Artists the country should strategize on means of upkeep in lieu that all are destitute.

As an example of the deplorable condition of some of his aged colleagues are undergoing actor cum musician named a number of ailing artists currently enclosed in their houses in Hargeisa among many as: Mohamed Farah (spouse of singer Ikraan), Omar Roraya and Da’alulu Mohamed.

“I appeal to the government and people of Somaliland to urgently come to the support of these ailing and aged artists who have contributed a lot to nation building” said Ura’ade who holds the rank of Major in the Somaliland police force.

On the issue of his lengthily career as both a musician and actor that spans over four decades the famed Tusey said that he started his career with the Somalia national army team of Horseed in the early sixties and has been lead actor in several plays among them:

1. Nafsi Meera Habeen Ba Reer Kumaqan (A roving Soul sojourns nightly at homesteads) in which was performed in 1968 together with Fatuma Ahmed Dhimbil as main actress

2. Waqti iyo Jecel (Time and love) performed in 1978 together with late Sahra Ileeye

3. Laba La Islawa ( ) – with late Sahra Ileeye in 1978

4. Kalanjo Laisku kabsaday (Scramble over an extra beautiful woman) performed in 1988 with Sahra Siad

5. If iyo Akhiro ((life or death) which was started in 1996 together with Actress Sahra Ahmed Jam in Mogadishu in 1996.

(Translations of the plays names to English by M.A Egge who was unfortunately unable to translate “Laba La Islawa”)

Actor Uraade with his daughter Katra and Son Khadar at their home in Hargeisa

According to Actor Ura’ade his best play remains if iyo Akhiro which he informed though started in 1996 in Mogadishu was perfected in Djibouti in 1998 where it was filmed and immortalized.

Queried on his relationship with the If iyo Akhiro actress Sahra Ahmed who is currently resident in Hargeisa Major Ura’ade said that he maintains cordial relations with the indefatigable lady who despite her age is still actively involved.

“Sahra Ahmed Jama is right now assisting state artists prepare their acts for the 18th may Independence Day celebrations of this year” said the Major who also denied having any emotional attachments to the actress despite deep love portrayed in their play.

Although if iyo Akhiro is his favorite play Actor Hasan Ismail Ura’ade said that all his over 30 songs are good thence failed to single one out as his one best. Among his songs which he was the composer or composed by others are:

I. Miyirka Naftayda (his composition) released in 1967

II. Abaal composed by Sahardiid Mohamed Jebiye and released in 1969

III. Tusaalo a compositing of Jama Roble Gujis released in 1968

IV. Teraroo composed by Ahmed Suleiman Bide and released in 1969 and

V. Almaad which was composed by Sulub Omar and released a day before the Siad Barre dubbed bloodless revolution of 1969.

on how he perceives politics actor Tusey replied by reminiscing a scene when General Siad Barre visited the Waaberi group at the national theatre in Mogadishu where all the performers put one hand on their noses and outstretched the other towards the feared and hated dictator.

On the dictator queering them, Waaberi members, what the closed nose and outstretched hand meant, “In unionism we told him, the tied noise means we smell to you when you don’t need us and the outstretched hand means politicians are handful when they need something from people” said Ura’ade.

the now aged actor advised the new and upcoming crop of artists whom he said are doing nicely to see to it that they change the beats of their songs which he termed as not musically sweet as well as ensure that they produce and perform plays as their predecessors did.

Actor Tusey on Politics and politicians

Advising citizens and government of Somaliland not to forego the country’s artists who earn peanuts in service of their country and culture the If iyo Akhiro famed actor said,

“Kindly help ensure that the ailing and aged artists are not left to die alone or in penury” stressing that we start with the ones who are now ailing in Hargeisa without recourse

Despite his bright career in showbiz and just like others of his ilk Actor Hasan Ismail Ura’ade who is husband to two wives one in Mogadishu and gthe other a sergeant with the Somaliland police force in Hargeisa and father of six children is faced with the same uncertain future as the other of his lot.

Those interested in more tidbits from this national treasure Actor Hasan Ismail Ura’ade can contact him at 00252 2 4194559