Somaliland: DMA’s CEO Atam Sandhu Joins the Guul Group Advisory Board


Somalilandsun: Guul Group is delighted to welcome British firm DMA’s CEO, Atam Sandhu to its Advisor Board to further enhance and solidify the partnership between the two companies in facilitating trade and investment across Africa.

Guul Group-GG is a UK and Somaliland registered consultancy firm with operations in both Hargeisa and London.

Atam has a deep and practical understanding of international trade and investment having worked in the field for over 15 years. He has designed and run many ground-breaking investment fora for over 50 countries and has a unique understanding of the investment process from the perspective of government, donors and business. In addition to his work at DMA and, among a number of honorary positions, Atam regularly advises governments around the globe on trade and investment. Atam is a Knight of the Order of Merit of Niger and is General Secretary of the UK-Nepal Trade and Investment Forum.

Guul Group in partnership with DMA recently organised the highly attended virtual event, ‘Somaliland and the UK: Stability & Sustainable Development’ on 11th November 2020. Opened by Lord Sheikh, this event featured the Head of British Office in Hargeisa, Head of Mission in London, senior government Ministers and the private sector. Aimed at strengthening engagement with the UK, it was intended tol explore Somaliland’s well-established stability, extraordinary potential and the government’s commitment to foreign direct investment.

DMA and Guul plan to engage with a number of governments in Africa including Somaliland, Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda & Ghana in facilitating trade and investment.

DMA is widely considered to be one of the world’s leading trade and investment promotion bodies for economies outside the G20.  DMA produce a portfolio of high-level summits for sovereign governments in international financial centres such as London, New York and Singapore, as well as coordinating follow-up trade missions in-country. Over the past thirteen years, DMA has facilitated more than US$15 billion in new investments into emerging economies and hosted over three hundred Heads of State and senior cabinet ministers. A selection of economies we’ve worked with over the past twelve months are Liberia, Nepal, Algeria, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire. Partners and attendees at DMA events have included high-profile individuals and leading FTSE 100 companies including an ongoing partnership with the Wall Street Journal.

Atam Sandhu the CEO UK’s DMA Joins Guul Group in an advisory capacity

Since 2012, Guul Group has developed an unparalleled network of businesses, expertise, local know-how and experience and we’re on our way to realising a target of $100million of new, overseas, impact investment in key sectors. The Group name denotes ‘success’ in the Somali language, which is achieved through taking our time in forging the right relationships with the right partners. Guul, is the only partner of choice for the bold, budding and bullish frontier investor and is an ideal launch pad for the region and there are dozens of foreign direct investors that will attest to that. – Guul Group corporate video – Trade & Investment Facilitation