Somaliland: Displeased Denmark Cancels Planned Function by Somalia President in Copenhagen


President Hasan Contemplates luclustre reception in Denmark after brawl with PM in Mogadishu

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – The government of Denmark has shown its displeasure at ongoing Mogadishu political in- fighting by cancelling a meeting planned for President Hasan Sheikh in Copenhagen
Denmark which is hosting the Somalia New Deal in Copenhagen opening next week is the first government to publicly shown contempt for the tussle for powers between President Hasan and Prime minister Abdiweli Sheikh
According to Radio Goobjoog the Danish move is a midget of the decline that the power struggles in Mogadishu might force in co-operation between international community and Somali government.
While not yet official the United States has hinted that shall not participate in the Copenhagen conference where over 400 members of the Somali community in the Diaspora have been invited to review the New Deal.
“United States does not see the utility in sending a delegation to the High Level Partnership Forum on Somalia, which will meet next week in Copenhagen” read a statement from the US dept of state.