Somaliland: Discuss, ‘Soyaal- Ina Cabdalla Xasan ma Sheekh Buu ahaa Mise …?”Novel at HCC


RCF facilitates Soyaal book Presentation and Discussions at the HCC on 17th November

Somalilandsun – The Tale in the novel Soyaal that puts to doubt the religious inclination of Sheikh Abdala Hasan the 19th Century Mad Mullah-MM And Termed by Fluent Somali Speaking Russian writer as having forced historians and literary scholars to subvert all previously indisputable authorities on the MM is set for discussions at the Hargeisa Cultural Centre-HCC
Contrasting in many ways with what has been written about the Mad Mullah , Soyaal in
which the great Somali poet, preacher and warrior is desacralized through inference to indisputable evidences of the protagonist’s difficult nature and shady deeds shall be presented by Khalid Jama Qodah, author of Diihaal-reeb,
In attendance shall be Mr. Barwaaqo the Soyaal author for responses to any queries rose after presentation by the audience during the plenary Q&A session.

Event: Book Presentation
Date and time: 17 December 2014. 18:30
Title: Sooyaal: Ina Cabdalla Xasan ma Sheekh buu ahaa mise …?” by Cabdiraxmaan C. Faarax ‘Barwaaqo’
Presenter: Khalid Jama Qodah, author of Diihaal-reeb,
Event chair: Muna Ahmed Omar, author of Baadidoon and member of HCC team.
Entrance Fee: Free of Charge

All are invited but please be on time
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