Somaliland: Amb Bashe Refutes Rumoured Maladministration


Terms it weak attempts to smear his character and distinguished public service
Ambassador Bashe Awil Omar dispels rumours

Somalilandsun-“ My record In public service career is self explicit and one based on steadfastness and diligence in serving the nation”
This was stated by the Somaliland representative to the United Arab Emirates Ambassador Bashe Awil Omar  apparently in rejoinder to claims of misuse of office, he Bashe has allegedly perpetrated through his office and more as a result of being son in law to the Somaliland first family.
The claims were made in a piece titled Between a Rock and Hard place The Existential Crisis Facing Somaliland and published locally by a number of somalilamd news websites among them Somalilandsun
According to the articles author Ahmed M I Egal , the Somaliland diplomatic representative in the UAE is behind the award of a 30 years contract to DP World for the management of Berbera port as well as subsequent award of a military base to the emirates in the same Somaliland coastal town, in which huge sums changed hands
Read Below The diplomats rejoinder published by The Horn Tribune titled Diplomat Bashe dispels malicious rumours against him

omaliland envoy to UAE ambassador Bashe Omar Farah at the Ras al Khayman palace

By M.A. Egge
 The industrious SL ambassador to the UAE H.E. Bashe Awil Omar has categorically dispelled cheaply peddled rumours alleging that he had personal interests in the Gulf country’s investiture in this nation.
“While I was in Hargeisa, and still a private citizen as such, did flimsy rumours appear in press reports that I took state cash and was in Nairobi (Kenya) buying houses!”
Such candid answers were some of the sentiments he retorted to bold questions leveled to him by Dawan’s duo pundits, Chairman Mohammed Osman Mirre and his deputy Omar Mohammed Farah, in an exclusive interview they had with the Ambassador on Friday evening.
He said that he was here first and foremost to exercise his political rights by receiving his voter card.

Secondly he made it clear that it was only natural for him to visit the sites which the country he was accredited to was busy investing in.
He highlighted the fact that before there were only talks going on between the two countries but later on it was more pragmatic and articulately practical. He said while SL guarded her interests it was imperative for openness and legalities to put in place and that’s why the SL-UAE agreements had to be cemented through the parliament.
When asked why the UAE’s company (the DP World) has not yet kicked off its works despite having taken over the management of the port, H.E. Bashe pointed out very clearly that the agreement specified that the work is to commence within a year. He however revealed that the officials tasked with the modernization of the Berbera-Togwajaale highway would arrive in the country this month.
SL and the UAE entered several agreements in which they were to over the Berbera Port Management, build a new port and modernize the former, construct the highway in SL territory called the Berbera-Addis Ababa Corridor, and also establish a UAE military base at the port city.

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The ambassador likewise pointed out that the Saudi government has warmed up to SL relations following the country’s backing of its onslaught against Qatar.
He was quite clear that since the port’s opening to the 100 million Ethiopian market was a plus of SL economy, that any or all distracters against the progress of such developmental aspects of state coffers were enemies worse than terrorists.
He defended himself against wayward and malicious propaganda that he had personal interests in the UAE investment.

He said that while he was in Hargeisa, such malice was peddled claiming that he had bolted with state money and bought houses in Nairobi, Kenya.
He said that he used to stay in a rented house in Kenya just as he is doing so while in Dubai.
Diplomat Bashe has been on the receiving end of such misguided, unprovoked, uncorroborated and unverified reports simply by being ason-in-law to the Head of State.
He clearly stated that long before the incumbent President was elected, he owned a 800.000 dollars house in the USA where he earned a hundred thousand dollars a month at his place of work.
It is worth noting that since his appointment to the post Ambassador Bashe was swift in establishing a sound liaison base, soliciting equally sound and unprecedented investments and fledge country to country relations; hence by thus, he depicted that his steadfastness and diligence in serving the nation is indeed self explicit and there for both friends and foes to witness.

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