Somaliland: Diaspora Branches of Wadani from Finland and Australia in Local Campaigns


The Wadani Finland and Australia officials pose for a group photo with Borame Party officials at the partys Awdal Regional Officies

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
BORAME (Somalilandsun) – Diaspora based branches of the opposition party of Wadani are in intense familiarization tours locally.
In Borame where several meetings were held were the chairpersons of Wadani Branches in Finland and Australia Abdirahman Ibrahim Arte and Eng Hussein Hasan Aafi accompanied by other senior officials of their respective branches among them deputy Finnish chair Ahmed Abdilahi Khalif and the chairperson of the Wadani Finland Sub branch in Turku county Mahmud Hussein Jama .
The Finnish and Australian opposition party chiefs were hosted by the Wadani party national deputy chairperson and the party’s Vice president candidate Ahmed Mumin Saeed who facilitated several successful meetings between the Diaspora based politicians and Borame residents.
During the tour the visit unveiled the parliamentary candidature during the elections slated for mid 2015 of Ahmed Abdilahi Khalif who shall vie for an opportunity to represent Awdalites and more specifically those from Borame in the Somaliland House of Representatives.
While the prospective Borame Member of Parliament is a Diaspora based Somalilander he is not the first to hang his political coat at home as the entire country leadership positions at all levels be it in Government, legislature and business is under the stewardship of Landers from various parts of the world.

Wadani party officials from Finland and Australia and  Inset national party deputy chairman Ahmed Muumin saeedAccording to Borame based reporter Abdirashid Abdilahi Omar the Australian and Finnish Wadani Delegation was warmly received in the Western town where they are still being feted and candidate Ahmed Khalif promised full support in his parliamentary seat quest.
It appears that Wadani Party is emulating the very successful vote search strategy utilized by Kulmiye the ruling party that gained the presidency after eight years in opposition through utilization of Diaspora based funds and candidates