Somaliland: Diaspora Agency Chief meets Somalilanders Resident in Uganda


Somaliland citizens in Uganda pose after meeting with Diaspoara Agency chairman

Somaliland sun-  The Chairman of Somaliland Diaspora Agency, Mr. AbdiAbdillahiHersi (Dayaxweerar) went on his first trip to key countries in Africa where Somaliland has a large number of communities including Uganda. The chairman was highly received by Somaliland community in Kampala including their elders, businesspeople, intellectuals and the students association as well on Saturday evening. He had a meeting with the community groups at Kampala on Sunday 1st May and listened reports from the different community groups. The chairman thanked the community for their welcome and participation of the meeting. 

The chairman briefed the community upon the current situation of the country, the recent droughts and its impact, the ongoing voter registration and the achievements of Somaliland government and as a country within recent years. He pointed out the significance of unity, cooperation and collective contribution of each Diaspora community for the country of Somaliland and so advised Somaliland community in Uganda to strengthen their cooperation and enter for the country’s investment, emergencies and the development spheres in general. 

In the meeting, participants greatly thanked AminaHersiMoge for the continuous support she provides for the community and the role she had in the organizing and holding of the community meeting with the chairman of Somaliland Diaspora Agency. 

Mr. Dayaxweerar will stay for few days in Kampala to have further and separate meetings with the community groups and officials of Ugandan government as well before passing to Tanzania and Kenya. The Chairman’s trip aims to mobilize, raise their awareness and organizesSomaliland communities in Africa as active and cooperative Diaspora closely linked to their country of origin, participating in the nation building, investment opportunities available, emergencies and development and also to create close communication and collaboration between these communities (Committees) and Somaliland Diaspora Agency. The Chairman will also discuss with the communities upon formation of Somaliland Diaspora Recognition Committees to enable active and honest representatives that can lobby the host governments for the recognition case of Somaliland, protect and promote interests of Somaliland in the host countries. Promoting commemoration of 18 May in those countries is also part of the agenda of the chairman’s trip