Somaliland: “Dhanani not Going to Somalia as Ambassador” Obama



Somalilandsun: US President Barack Obama on Monday withdrew the nomination of America’s first ambassador to Somalia in 24 years, the White House said.

The administration confirmed that Katherine Dhanani, a long-time diplomat with deep experience of African affairs, would not now become the first envoy since 1991.
“She is withdrawing for personal reasons,” an administration official told AFP.
Dhanani had appeared before the Senate in March to seek confirmation in the post.
“Decades of conflict, famine, and oppression led many to label Somalia a ‘failed state.’ Today, Somalis are proving those pessimists wrong,” she told a panel.
The US withdrew its ambassador as rival warlords took over the African nation.
In 1993 Americans were anguished by scenes of the bodies of US soldiers being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu by a mob after Somali militants shot down two Black Hawk helicopters.
Violence is still a major problem, but earlier this month John Kerry made a surprise visit to the country.