Somaliland: Detained Human Rights Activist Guleid Ahmed Jama Released


Somaliland police release the chairperson of HRC Guleid Ahmed Jama on bail

Somalilandsun – “The Human Rights Centre (HRC) expresses its deep gratitude to the individuals, organizations and countries who tirelessly advocated for the freedom of Guleid Ahmed Jama”
This is per a press statement released by HRC informing that its chairperson Guleid Ahmed Jama has been released from custody on bail over a fortnight since he was arrested in Hargeisa the capital of Somaliland
While thanking all those,  local and foreign, whose concert efforts led to the release of the rights activist , the HRC advocacy and lobbying officer Hana Abdisalam Mohamed said “We are very grateful to their endless support” adding that the rights body which is a registered, impartial and independent nongovernment organization headquartered in Hargeisa shall not be intimidated by the arrest of Guleid in anyway but in the contrary shall intensify commitment to continued activities related to the pursuit of ensuring apt provision of Rights to all citizens irrespective of station in life.
Read the full HRC Statement Titled Human Rights Centre chairperson released on bail