Somaliland: Details of Burao Single Mother Gruesome Murder Revealed, Family Appeal for Justice

Ugbaad Ali a mother of three died after her head was crushed on a wall

Somalilandsun: Since our sister is already dead our only request is that the government of Somaliland give us justice.
This was stated by Abdinasir Ali Abdilahi who is brother to late Ugbad Ali a mother of three who was murdered in Burao last Saturday night
The brother informed BBC Somalia service that his late sister was first raped before the killing which was as a result of her head being crushed on a wall that ensued with her brains spilling to the ground.
As the body of the deceased lies at the Toghdeer region hospital in Burao town the brother made the following appeal
“Our only request is that the government of Somaliland, led by the president, give us justice. We want justice for that. We want the alleged killer to be brought to justice as soon as possible without being detained.” as people who have been imprisoned in previous killings. .
Somaliland police are investigating the incident, which shocked the public.
The man, whose name has not been released, reportedly turned himself in to the central police station in Burao after the tragedy.
The motive for the rape and murder of the mother are yet to be ascertained some reports indicate a relationship between the two, with the victim being a divorcee
Abdinasir denied reports that efforts were underway to resolve the case in a formal manner.
“There is nothing wrong with Somali law, and we have not seen anyone other than the security forces handling the case, and we are once again demanding that the girl receive justice.” He added.