Somaliland: Desist from Interfering with SL Affairs, State warns SFG Again


The Government of Somaliland is evaluating impact on future Somalia talks and relations, says Duale

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun – The state has issued another stern warning that cautions the Somalia government in Mogadishu against interfering with the internal affairs of Somaliland through uncouth demeanour.
The Minister of Energy and Minerals Hon. Hussein Abdi Duale warned the Mogadishu government to desist from undermining SL by interfering with the country’s investments clientele.
He at the same time asked them not to peddle lies around still believing that the former Somalia regime was still in place. He said that the SFG was “hoodwinking the world” giving the impression that they called shots in SL.
“The SL government is a sovereign entity which has been independent for the past 23 years”, he said.
Saying that the SFG would only embarrass their own selves when they try to bully investment companies into registering with them, he was categorical that, “The companies we partner with who invest in SL know quite well the differences hence are legally licensed by this country as per international norms, standards and regulations”.

A Combative enrgy minister Eng Duale flanked by his admin and finance director says SFG has no call to 9nterfere in internal affairs of SomalilandHe was quite clear on the fact that licenses for energy, minerals or associated investment in SL are given by the government.
“Licenses supplied in Mogadishu are of no consequences hence are not valid here,” said Hon. Duale.
The minister, according to his press release herein loosely translated from Somali language version, was irked by the fact that the SFG natural resources minister was reported to have told some companies that are currently indulged in SL to seek Mogadishu authority.
He was especially perturbed by the continuous acts of successive SFG minister who global-trot while claiming that SL used (tribal) militias as security personnel guarding areas of investment operations.
Reminding the SFG (and the world) that SL reclaimed her independence hence had fully functioning government arms and institutions with its own national security apparatus.
He noted the fact that the country was closely following the perpetual subversive acts of Mogadishu and that SL is doing gross evaluation of their impact on the expected future SL/Somalia talks and/or the resultant future relations between the two countries.
He vouched for the fact that Somaliland was indebted on the aspirations and development of its subjects and that it has all the capabilities of defending the same.
The minister warned the SFG to desist from aggravating subversive acts completely and that it should stop living in elusive dreams and illusions.
This is the second time within a week that SL has cautioned the SFG. On Saturday last week, the Information Minister Hon. Abdillahi M. Dahir Ukusse gave a similar scathing warning when his SFG counterpart gave sentiments that touched on Saah-deer, a district within SL.
He, too, had warned on the effect the subversive remarks, innuendoes’ and acts from SFG would have on the future of their Turkish sponsored talks and the gravity of the matter.