somaliland: Deputy Mayor of Islington Borough Visits Hargeisa


Somalilandsun:The deputy mayor of Islington suburb of North London Mrs.Ruqiya Mohammed Ismael has toured Hargeisa. The mayor who is also a Somaliland citizen was
received at Egal International Airport by the minister of information
culture and national guidance Mr.Abdirahman Abdillahi Farah Diriye
(Guri-Barwaqo), the Hargeisa City Council deputy mayor Mr.Abdiaziz Mohammed
Hashi, ruling party Kulmiye chairlady for women affairs Mrs.Dalays Shire
Farah and councilor from Hargeisa city.

Minister Guri-Barwaqo said that the president H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has
allocated quotas for women in elective posts, hence becoming the first
president in the history of Somaliland to address the plight of women. He
added that this comes following promises made by the head of state to women
during the 2017 presidential campaigns.

“I’m very pleased to welcome Mrs.Ruqiya to her homeland; I met her in
London during her campaign to represent the people of Islington, today I
welcome her as the mayor of Islington, North London.” Minister Guri-Barwaqo

The information minister went on to say that Mrs.Ruqiya is an inspiration
to the women of Somaliland and shows the milestone women have reached in

“You’ve heard families losing their children to social services officials
abroad; but today you have seen for yourselves, a woman who has brought up
her children, and has won the mayoral seat. God willing Mrs.Ruqiya will be
an inspiration to women in Somaliland who have been given quotas in
parliamentary and council elections.”