Somaliland: Deputy Health minister rebuts her purported Defection to the TFG and Mogadishu visit


Hon Nimo Qawdan Deputy Health Minister“Rumours of my Defection to the TFG are not only laughable but comic as well“-Hon Nimo Qawdan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Rumours pertaining to the defection of some government officials to the TFG have been denied.

The deputy Health minister Hon Nimo Qawdan has denied allegations made by some media house that she was in Mogadishu as part of her purported defection to the TFG during a press conference at her offices where she termed the allegations as not only laughable but comic as well.

The deputy minister was reacting to some reports that indicated that she was camped in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia following her defection to the Transitional Federal Government-TFG.

While alluding to the possibility of suing reporters involved in the false report, Hon Nimo Qawdan informed that it was irresponsible for media houses to publish such baseless reports against public figures as any an authorized association with TFG is a treasonable act as per the Somaliland constitution.

“When I saw the defection reports I was saddened because of the ill intent of the writers whose malicious intent was discernible to all”

The deputy health minister who said that her allegiance to Somaliland is not for sale asked the irresponsible reporters to look pursue other avenues of maligning her name as association with the TFG was out of the question.

While wondering on the impossibility of her having been in Mogadishu at a time when she was conducting her duties in Hargeisa, Ms Qawdan informed the journalists that she has not been to Mogadishu, is not on the way their nor has she plans for future visits.

Said she, “While There is nothing of interest for me in Mogadishu, I am a Somalilander resident of Somaliland and busily engaged in my duties of serving Somalilanders”

She further alluded to the fact that the divorce between Somaliland and Somalia that was effected 21 years ago is for real, thus insinuation by some quarters to probable reunion were baseless and not worth the paper written on.

The deputy minister further informed Somalilanders both in the country and the diaspora to be wary of malicious reports that are publishing with intent to tarnishing the image of the government as pertains to Somaliland Somalia talks which are not related to reunification but good neighbourliness.

In conclusion to her press conference the visibly incensed Deputy Health minister Hon Nimo Qawdan informed that she will pursue the media houses that published the information to her purported defection and subsequent visit to Mogadishu with the objective of first establishing the source of the information which will be followed by prosecution in a court of law.