Somaliland: Deputy FM Briefs EU African Desk Officials


Somaliland deputy foreign affairs minister Mowlid Mahmud Ibrahim (C)poses with EU African Desk officials after meeting in Brussels Belgium

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
BRUSSELS (Somalilandsun) – The people and Government of Somaliland appreciate multi-faceted support from the European Union-EU
The gratitude’s were extended by the Somaliland deputy foreign affairs minister Mowlid Mahmud Ibrahim accompanied by his country’s representative in Belgium Mohamed Abdi Da’ar during a meeting with officials from the EU’s African Desk in Brussels.
Hosting the deputy FM at the headquarters of the EU was the European body’s African Desk Director Koen Versaek who was flanked by head of the Horn and East African desk Dilarde Teilane and head of Somaliland/Somalia desk Pauline Torehall
Upon conclusion of a detailed brief on prevalent status pertinent to Democratization process, security and others in Somaliland the deputy FM thanked the European Union for its support towards development in the country more so as in elections, Water, Coast guard training/equipping, Berbera corridor, projects implemented by the Somaliland Development Fund-SDF and the Somaliland Special Arrangement component of the new Deal.
In conclusion Deputy FM Mowlid Mahmud Ibrahim stressed upon the successfully home brewed conflict resolution mechanism that has made Somaliland a model of peace while reminding of the irrevocable sovereignty decision thence the imperatives of the EU extending recognition.
According to a press statement released by the ministry of foreign affairs in Hargeisa the EU officials who stated their body’s satisfaction with how its intervention is impacting positively on the livelihoods of Somalilanders pledged to enhance the partnership that has existed over the years.