Somaliland: Denmark Asks Hargeisa to Extradite Suspected Killer


 Mourners at the funeral Procession of late Jonas sekyere whom it is believed was murdered by Danish Somalilander Omar Hasan in 2012/file

By: Yusuf M Hasan
COPENHAGEN (Somalilandsun) – The Danish government wants Somaliland authorities to hand over a citizen suspected of murder.
The request for the extradition of Omar Hasan Omar currently in the custody of Somaliland police was confirmed through a press statement released by Copenhagen police.
In mid-May 2013, we contacted the authorities in Somaliland, as our investigation revealed that the suspect allegedly stayed there. We have since been in constant dialogue with the authorities in Somaliland read the statement released by deputy police inspector Jens Moller Jensen
The Danish Deputy Police inspector Jens Møller Jensen who is head of the criminal injuries also informed that an international arrest warrant for the 29-year-old Danish-Somalilander has been in existence since 27 November 201
The 29-year-old Omar Hasan who is in the custody of police in Hargeisa is the prime suspect for the killing of a young law student Jonas Thomsen Sekyere at a nightclub The hill in the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen in 2012
The Danish police who are yet to determine cause that led to the fatal knife killing during the nightclub fight have so far released the three suspects arrested earlier after conformation that the culprit who absconded the country immediately was Omar Hasan Omar.
-“These were quickly released, when the suspicion was directed at their friend, Omar who had been in town that tragic night. The friend had allegedly fled Denmark a few days after the murder, said Deputy Police Inspector Jens Møller Jensen.
Despite confirmation of the request for extradition of Omar Hasan Omar by the Danish the Somaliland Government has not issued any statement to the effect so far.
If Omar is extradited to Denmark it will be the second such act to occur between Somaliland and a foreign government it does not have a treaty to the effect following the recent extradition of three Somalilanders to Djibouti where they are suspected of abetting the suicide bomb attack at Le Chaumere Restaurant.