Somaliland: Demonstrator Dies in Burao


An injured Burao demonstrator lies in a pool of blood

Updated with a video of demonstrations

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Attempts to quell angry demonstrations have resulted in the death of person in Burao.

The death follows Confrontations between police and owners/drivers of tipper Lorries who had and are still amassed outside the local government offices in the Togdeer regional Capital.

Reports indicate that only one demonstrator is so far conformed dead while several others are injured presumably from gunshot wounds occasioned by police fire.

Riot police engage Burao demonstratorsA large number of The Tipper Lorries owners/drivers are also reported to be in police custody following the fracas that started earlier this morning and still on-going outside the Burao mayor’s office.

The police were unleashed on the demonstrators by the Mayor after they refused to remove their Lorries from the council offices where they had amassed in protest against some yet to be specified orders from council which they claim is detrimental to their operations.

The multitude of tippers used for public goods transport especially in the construction sector had by virtue of accrual outside the councils offices blocked movement within thus causing the mayor to call in police who in turn dispatch the its crack Rapid reaction unit.

By the time of going to press and while the confrontations are still on-going no official statement has been released by either the Togdeer regional government, Burao local council or the central government in Hargeisa.

Watch Burao Tipper Owners/drivers demonstrations    courtesy of caynabonews