Somaliland: “Democracy is Our Choose. Path to Nationhood”


says Somalilamd presidency minister Mahmud Hashi while defending the Kulmiye administration’s track record

Somaliland presidency minister Mahmud Abdi Hashi

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland’s minister of presidency Mr. Mahamoud Hashi Abdi has defended Kulmiye government’s track record and says Kulmiye government succeeded to accomplish a lot for the country in the period they have been in power.

The minister of presidency and an accompanying government delegation are on a trip to Sanaag region and its different districts, Sanaag is the latest region to hold its voter registration  and this government delegation was sent to inspect the progress and smooth proceedings of the voter registration in that region, speaking with the people of Ceel Afwayn district the minister of Presidency, Mr. Mahamoud Hashi Abdi said that Sanaag has fallen behind the level of progress realized by other regions in the country since his government came to power “ I believe Sanaag has fallen behind the pace of progress achieved by other provinces in the country and the region needs more investment, the government has put a plan in place to address the many challenges that Sanaag faces today, i believe our government has accomplished a lot in this region already and  other projects are under implementation as well, those opposition members who say our government has left Sanaag behind are either intentionally denying of our achievements or are not aware of what is happening  in this region,” said the presidency minister.

 The minister specifically highlighted some of the things that his government succeeded to accomplish for Ceel-afwayn district “ Ceel afwayn is very old district, it was made a district in 1964, it is a B-level and it is the same as other major districts in Somaliland such as Saylac, Oodweyne and Badhan but it is the district with the largest territory in Somaliland, when Kulmiye government came to power, the district police and administration had no service cars, there was no progress whatsoever in this district, what have we managed to do for Ceel afwayn since the Kulmiye government came to power? No one can deny of the projects this district has and will benefit from in president Silaanyo’s tenure,  Sanaag received the most ambitious project in the country- the construction of the  Sanaag road and Ceel afwayn will be the biggest beneficiary of this road, there was no clean water in the district before Kulmiye governemnet but thanks to the collaboration of the government and Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) that is to be solved now, it will be a project that will cost more than a million Dollar, tell me is there any bigger project that Ceelf afwayn could get?, we expanded the primary and secondary schools of Ceel awayn, this government provided cars to the district administration and police to serve the district and its people- we accept the people to hold us accountable and ask us tough questions and our government welcomes this with open mind.”

Residents of Erigavo welcome the SomalIland government delegation led by presidency minister The minister and his entourage whose primary objective of their visit to Sanaag was to encourage the citizens living in Sanaag to turn out for the voter registration has also praised Ceel afwayn for its stability and the harmony with which its residents are living side by side peacefully, the minister defended the record of his government for the 7 years they have ruled the country and what they have been able to accomplish this time, the minister concluded his speech that the ballot box and a democratic process are the only tools that a government could either be sustained in power or could be driven out of power.

Source: The Republican