Somaliland: Delegation Arrives in Washington DC for 18th May Celebrations


The delegation led by Minister Hiris 2nd L with lone woman rep Sadia Muse R on arrival in Washington for the 23rd Somaliland independence Celebrations in the USA

By: Osman A.M.

WASHINGTON DC (Somalilandsun) – A state delegation led by the Presidency Minister Hirsi Ali Hassan & composed of senior Government officials including the 1st Deputy Speaker of the House of Elders (Guurti) Bashe Mohamed Farah, MP Ali Obsiye Diriye (Gabilay) and Lady Saadia, a member of the Erigavo National Road Committee has arrived in Washington DC on Thursday.

Upon arrival the team was received at the airport by Somaliland representative in America Rashid Garuf, the chair of Somaliland Association in Washington DC Hashi Ismail and hundreds of people affiliated to Somaliland.

Awaiting VIP buses parked at the airport drove them to their courtyard before being treated with a delicious luncheon at the request of their host Community.

Garuf who spoke after receiving the team hinted that the visit is aimed at leadership celebrating with Washingtonians during the event marking the 23rd Independence Day.

Minister Hirsi also praised the association for the warm reception before revealing that they shall join fellow countrymen in the celebration.

18th May Somaliland’s Independent Day falls on Sunday & it is expected that the event shall be celebrated all over the world with major cities in North America scaling it up.