Somaliland: Defense Minister Cautions Ex–Kulmiye Officials Joining Wadani


From top left Adami cautions group led by Hirsi haji Ali asA diqadir assumes Wadani party leadership from Irro

Somalilandsun – The heavyweight team of former Kulmiye party and administration officials who joined opposition party Wadani have been asked to reconsider their decision.
The urging were made by the Somaliland defense minister Ahmed Haji Ali Adami during an interview with Geeska Afrika newspaper in Hargeisa where he also touched on issues related to the postponement of parliamentary elections as well as on his ministerial portfolio.

Queried on his take as pertains his former colleagues now in opposition politics where they are critical the defense minister said, “now that my former compatriots in the cabinet and ruling party have turned coats and joined Wadani my advise is that they should while exercise their freedom of association refrain from unnecessary criticism”
Adding that restrain from such past senior cabinet ministers is imperative as pertains to the protection of the being of the republic of Somaliland in the initial and a fair playing ground for all during forthcoming elections.
Stressing on the fact that Somaliland was a democratic government thence every citizen had a right to join or adhere to any legal political persuasion in the country, the defense minister stated that the difference now existing with the those he termed as friends should not lead to any fracases or confrontations of any nature but should be based on the imperatives of preserving and developing the nation.
On the issue of postponed parliamentary elections which has created overt difficulties between president Silanyo and the international community with a stake in the country’s democratization process minister Adami said,
“Though we appreciate the international community for lengthily partnership Somaliland is a sovereign country ruled by locally elected leaders thus not governed from various foreign capitals”
Terming the democratization assistance availed by the international community as a major component in the achievements garnered so far, the defense minister was quick to urge that the support should not be construed as one that gives the donor authority over the sovereignty of Somaliland, thus the decision to postpone parliamentary elections undertaken based on national priorities should not be castigated but supported.
Queried on the issue of his portfolio at the helm of the country’s ministry of defense Minister Ahmed Adami who is among a few of his colleagues in the same office since appointment six years ago, said that his never being reshuffled was a honour bestowed him by president Silanyo whom he termed as a leader with foresight for taking the country to greater heights, as he also committed to loyalty.